Very many people sustain that in some Disney films, approximately all, there are subliminal messages (mostly of sexual nature, but also of other kinds). Now, many (too many) people affirm this without almost any knwoledge, but there are some “evidence”. In this aritcle I’m demolishing these dissertations (or, at least, I’m trying).

First of all, I want to specify that this article won’t be about other kinds of criticism towards Disney, namely “creepy” moments, those ones that “aren’t good for a children’s film”. Just let me tell you that most of the people who criticize this are contradictory with themselves: in your opinion, Walt Disney’s fables are just some sugary fairy tales, where everyone’s happy and which all have happy ending, something that doesn’t exist; this is absolutely false, and as soon as a “sugar-free” moment happens, maybe more serious, maybe wiser, here you complain. Bah, I don’t understand you.

There are several types of “messages”. First of all, I’d like to introduce a category: written subliminal messages. Now I ask to whoever sustains this thesis: do you have a clue about what a subliminal message is? Clearly not, because if so you’d know that it’s intended to condition the reader’s mind. But if there are children watching the film, how the fuck do they manage to read the writing “SEX”?? This question should be enough to rout any doubt about this kind of subliminal messages, but as you’re going to see they are (admitting that they exist) in the majority imperceptible (and so “useless”, since they could not infiltrate in the mind). But let’s begin: after you…

This video should show (“should” is required) a long sequence of messages in the film Beauty and the Beast that are, as you can see, written and imperceptible.

This picture represents the famous scene of The Lion King where a bit of dust should set up the writing “SEX” (it’s very quick, as well as very confused, so…); among other things, this has been denied, affirming it was “SFX”, it seems as a homage to a project or something similar (the same goes for other writings “SEX”, like this one).

This other image should display three 6 in “Walt Disney” sign. What I’m saying now goes for all other messages that involve “666”: they’re not of sexual nature, so they cannot influence children “depraving” and “misguiding” them. I repeat: this feautre film’s audience is mostly made up by CHILDREN. In this case an unaware and, in the etymological meaning of the word, ignorant child hasn’t got the knowledges in order that the subliminal message hits the mark. If you catch my meaning… Someone (and this involves all satanic, Masonic and so on, subliminal messages) has then declared that more than subliminal messages, they are symbols that should just prove Walt Disney and his partners’ belonging to satanic-Masonic organizations. But…to catch the squirrel, enter the squirrel’s mind: if I was a Mason or a satanist or similar, why should I insert in animated cartoons things like this? How would I benefit from that? Bah…

Oh, yeah, this is famous: in The Lion King‘s poster some people see, instead of the feline snout, a half-naked woman from behind. Let’s leave aside that seeing so many asses, “SEX” notices and phalli, you should be the perverted one, not at all those who “put subliminal messages”.                                                                                                                                       But now I’m facing a topic that I’ve intentionally omitted until now: let’s admit, let’s absurdly suppose that subliminal messages do actually exist. How much would they influence us and how much would they be really hidden? Some are not so concealed, therefore being “explicit”, they would not “work”. And those who really are subliminal? The majority wouldn’t do anything. What should they actually do? Has anyone ever stopped to think about it? No. Reflect: they’re not able to “change our mind”, “deprave us”…

For now I finish here, I’ll continue the article talking about those who, pissing me off, talk about cameos as they were subliminal messages…




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