As promised, I’m back with this article about cameos. What is a cameo? It’s a matter, quoting italian version of Wikipedia, of a “famous celeb’s brief appearance in a theatrical performance or in a film”. Actually, according to the definition, the famous personality should be a very famous actor, or a famous non acting person. And especially he should speak, hence: more than a background actor. Therefore (and it’s the only objection that I accept) Disney’s (and Disney-Pixar’s) ones are, more than cameos, easter eggs (although it’s and IT-related term), or even: quotes, tributes, references to other jobs.

A quote, a reference, an homage to another film or another character is a very recurring thing, actually: any film gets inspired by other films. A little less frequent (maybe) are quotes of films inner to the same universe (in more practical terms, but only in this case, to the same company: Walt Disney). But there’s a big difference between this and saying that Disney puts some characters only so that your subconscious makes you watch all other Disney films. I call it passion.

Oh, well, let’s not even talk about who, ranting and raving, describes spin-offs, sequels, prequels, midquels, selfparodies, or franchise parts as “subliminal messages to make you watch other Disney films”. I just say that we’re talking about guys with a lower IQ than sparrows’ one.

My speech is finished, now; it doesn’t make sense, indeed, analyzing each single reference, because of two simple reasons: first of all, they’re really a lot and probably we still don’t know many, we haven’t discovered them yet; moreover I’d say the same thing for all: they’re quotes, references, cameos, homages. Not fucking subliminal messages.



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